Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Exist, We Resist!

Demonstration Saturday March 28th.

Where ?: Jardinets d'Gracia, Gran de Gracia, Barcelona

Why ?: In Barcelona changes are being proposed for a new convenio. A convenio is a "guideline" for conditions that many employers use. Until recently the catalan convenio used by many language schools was joined with the state school sytem (reglada) convenio, so things like holidays, working/teaching hours and conditions were connected to state school teachers. Recently under the old adage of "divide and rule" the "bosses" (patronales) have campaigned to split the convenio into 2, "reglada" and "non-reglada"- The 1st non reglada convenio is now being negotiated and the proposals made by the patronale don't look good for anyone working in the language teaching sector...

What has all this malarky got to do with us?

At Bonanova we work under a different convenio and because of this these changes don't "directly" effect us, but look at it this way.

We are all part time, we all have to work at other centres to make ends meet...if you work at any other school in Barcelona the likelihood is you will be directly effected by these "changes" that are now being proposed. These changes are mostly negative from a teachers point of view...loss of holidays, a longer working week and effectively, less rights and money for what you do..

Look at it another way.

Did you know the British Council in Spain is now at the beginning of negotiations for its own convenio? This will directly effect you and every other BC worker in Spain right now and in the future. Soon you will be asked to contribute to these negotiations. What happens with this convenio negotiation here in Catalunya could directly effect our own negotiations and it's really important that you, as a teacher at Bonanova, understand the kinds of things being negotiated and can make an informed contribution to the BC negotiations pan-spain.

Or finally, just look at it this way...

A lovely afternoon, food, music (from our very own Kev "the bluegrass wonder" and Mark "spin me those vibes" Dix) kids activities, come, join in, meet up with your mates and be merry!