Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diary of a demo

We exist, we resist- Diary of a manifestacion in the rain

Saturday March 28th

Saturday 28th turned out to be a wet and rainy day. Not the sunny day to enjoy the demonstration but rather miserable and wet. Plan B, the wet weather plan had to be put into place. Firstly, because of the rain there was no electricity which meant that Mark Dix couldn't play and Kevins band "The Smokey Mountain Convenio Boys " would have to play acoustically...There was no shelter, so all the planned kids activities, flower making, a graffiti wall and facepainting, had to be put off and the food?? the botiferrada definitely no, but the picnic and the rest??? The only certainty was the march which would still go ahead despite the rain.. The banners we had worked together on earlier were put up around the Jardinets and by 2pm there was a big crowd considering the weather.

Local TV were there filming interviews with Steve (the Demo's main organiser) and Radio news stations had been calling all morning...CCOO were joined by UGT and a youth "samba" band turned up to play as we marched. When they started bangin those drums everybody started to get into a festive mood...and so we marched. The police were there to stop the traffic and we set off down Diagonal carrying banners and placards and blowing whistles to "make some noise". We turned the corner at Roger d'Lluria to stop outside the offices of the patronales for a speech and some symbolic tree planting. "Plant a quality convenio- Quality teaching = Quality teaching conditions". A tree was chained to the gate outside the entrance to the building and we planted placards with slogans all around. Then it was time for a quick photo call before we started to make our way back to the Jardinets. ...... After we had returned kevin's brilliant "Smokey Mountain" band played and people shared food. Prizes were given out...congratulations to John who won a bottle of wine for his sublime carrot cake...and a good time was had by all. A special thanks to all those from Bonanova who came down to join in and offer their support and if you couldn't make it, hopefully there will be more events in the future that will be in the sun! Get the low down on their official CCOO site: