Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet Paul McGinty..

Left: Steve Rumbold CCOO. Right: Paul McGinty.

Meeting at CCOO offices 6th March

Ever wondered what's happening in the rest of BC Spain or who's who in pan-spain?
There are 11 centres in total around Spain and Madrid Young Learners (MYL) is one of the biggest centres for the Council worldwide. In British Council comite world Paul McGinty is a well known name and figure.

On 6th March we had the opportunity to meet Paul, (MYL Rep, CCOO Rep and a member of the European Works Comission) at CCOO head quarters on Via Laietana. Paul has been actively involved with comites in Madrid from the mid 90's and he was invited to Barcelona by Steve Rumbold who has set up the Grup d'idiomes - a group representing language schools within the CCOO. Paul chaired a meeting where he was able to share his history and expertise and also give insights into working on comite. His experience is invaluable and has come from years of dealing with all the trials and tribulations of being a rep at MYL. At the same meeting there were reps not only from our centres - Bonanova and Amigo, but also from other schools from all around Barcelona, Merit, IH, and The North American Institute amongst others.

It was great to see all the different reps there and to feel that we are more involved together and to get ideas for the future!

Bonanova comite