Monday, May 11, 2009

Tax Returns...Declaracion de la renta


Time for thinking about tax and paperwork and all that stuff. Now is the time of the year to do your tax returns (if you need to...), called the" declaracion de la renta"

You are obliged to file if

  • You have earned more that 22.000 Euros (gross) over the course of the year. or,
  • If you have had 2 or more jobs during the year, (note: the tax threshold if you have 2 or more jobs is under 22.000 Euros)
Please note that if you file a tax return, then you are legally obliged to continue to file year after year, even if your circumstances change..

If you have any inquiries about whether you need to file or not - ask a rep.

To file a tax return you need,

  • Identification documents
  • Certificados sobre retenciones sobre salarios from every place you work. Here at Bonanova you will find, or will have found this in your pigeon hole.
  • Datos fiscales from the hacienda.
  • Bank statements from all of your Spanish bank accounts.

If you have a mortgage, kids or a pension these will be taken into account in your tax return.

The time for doing the declaration is from 4th May and the deadline is 30th June.

Its best to use a gestor (accountant) to go over your tax return, they will charge a fee but will take care of most of the headaches. In general gestors cost between 40 and 50 Euros.

CCOO has a gestor with a reduced cost for CCOO union members.

Message from CCOO:

For workers in the Barcelon├Ęs area
CCOO offers a full service for completion of 2008 tax returns.
Reduced prices for union members. eg. for the basic tax return, 12.50 euros union member, 40 euros non-member.
From 4th May to 30th June.
Appointments by numbered ticket only, collect from reception on ground floor, Via Laietana 16, Barcelona.
For more information click here, or ring 93 481 28 03.
Another reason to join the union!

If you prefer an alternative gestor who deals in English look on the comite noticeboard.

Again, any questions, ask a rep.