Thursday, February 26, 2009

Demonstration: 28.3.09: Preparation of banners.

In the above photos staff reps from various language schools in Barcelona are preparing banners for the upcoming demonstration. The staff reps are from the Bonanova centre (you can see Sue in the photo!), UAB and the American Institute. The man in the white T-shirt is Mark Rumboldt. He works for the CCOO, the trade union that represents British Council workers.

Why a demonstration, you may ask? At the moment the terms and conditions of language school workers are being renegociated, and as a result our rights as workers are effected. So we need to show that we are prepared to defend those rights.

The demonstration is on March 28th. We will congregate at 1.30 pm. The demonstration will end at 3pm. Afterwards, there will be food and drink, some activities for kids (any volunteers welcome!) and possibly, a DJ!

We will start at Passeig de Gracia with Avenida Diagonal, go up Roger de Lluría (where we will make a whole load of noise outside the Patronal-the place where the negociations take place) and then end up back at Passeig de Gracia.

Not only will the demonstration give us a chance to speak together as a group of workers, but we will also have the chance to meet others who work in similar conditions and share viewpoints and experiences. It will raise our visability and awareness as a collective and manifest the importance of quality teaching in the private sector.

Bring friends, family, pets, a beer. Whatever you want! Just make sure you’re there and that you have your say!

Bonanova comité.